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What payment plans are available?
We offer financing plans of six or nine monthly payments. You can pay 25% down and the rest is financed over a six or nine month period. After the last payment, you are paid in full for the policy period. You can also use outside financing or pay in full.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, company and personal checks.
I want to use a local agency, but they don't have a way to cover my spa. What do I do?
We would be more than happy to work with your local agent to offer insurance coverage to you. This will not raise the cost of insurance to you, and you will have the piece of mind of using a familiar agent to handle the details. The agent would be compensated through a commission.

What do I do if I have a claim?
Give us a call as soon as possible to report the claim. The sooner you call, the quicker we can assign an adjuster, if necessary, and investigate the claim. You can also visit our Claims Center to submit a claim online.

Who is an additional insured or a loss payee?
An additional insured is a person, other than the insured, who is protected under the terms of the policy. An example of an additional insured would be a landlord. A loss payee is similar, as they are leasing or mortgage companies who have an interest in your business and may be paid in the event of a loss. It is not uncommon for a person to be both a loss payee and an additional insured. On the standard Insurtec policy, you can have as many additional insured's or loss payee's as necessary at no charge.
What liability limits do you recommend?
There are a few things you should consider when deciding what limit of liability you should carry. First, if you rent your space, check your lease. There may be stipulations in it that require you to carry a certain amount of liability. Second, talk with other business owners to get a feel for what limit may be best suited for your situation. Finally, examine your own personal wealth and determine the risk level that you are most comfortable with. Remember, if there were to be a claim against your business, your own personal assets could be accessed.

Are booth renters and independent contractors considered employees?
They are only considered employees if they are paid by you on commission or a percentage. As long as the booth renters pay a flat rate, they are considered independent contractors or booth renters.

Will my policy cover booth renters and independent contractors?
No, your booth renters/independent contractors should carry their own policy to cover them when they are offering services. To protect yourself, you should also require that they list you as an additional insured on their policy. We have policies specifically designed for booth renters/independent contractors. You can also add a booth renter/independent contractor to your existing policy. Keep in mind, however, that they will only be covered when offering services on your behalf.

Do I need to notify Insurtec if I add or subtract services?
Yes. If you add or remove services you should notify us as soon as possible. If you have more services than what is outlined in your policy, you are underinsured and may not recover the full amount in the event of a loss. Alternatively, you may be able to get a credit if you subtract services, lowering the cost of insurance.

What is an occurrence limit?
The occurrence limit is the limit your insurance company will pay for all claims that arise due to one single incident.

What is the advantage of an occurrence policy?
An occurrence policy means that if an incident occurs that would be covered under the policy, as long as the incident occurs during the policy period, the claim is covered regardless of when the claim is reported. This would be important in covering a claim that took an extended period of time to manifest itself, such as cancer.

Does the Insurtec policy exclude cancer?
No, the Insurtec policy does not exclude cancer.

What is an aggregate limit?
The aggregate limit is the limit your insurance company will pay for the total of all incidents that occur during the period of time covered by the policy.

What does professional liability mean?
Professional liability is the liability you carry because of your professional expertise. This would include the advice you give clients and the services you provide. For example, if a person is injured because they relied on your expertise, and all equipment performs properly, you may be liable for damages.

Will my policy cover me if a client has a chemical burn?
Yes, that would fall under the professional liability portion of the policy.

Doesn't a waiver card protect me from getting sued?
No. Although a waiver card can help defend your business in the event of a lawsuit, it does not protect you from being sued or being found liable.
What is property coverage and how do I calculate the amount I need?
Property coverage is coverage for property such as massage tables, booths, tables, chairs, computers, tenant improvements, stock and various other properties. This coverage, for instance, may cover you in the event of a fire. Also, we offer our policies on a replacement cost basis, so when you calculate how much coverage you should carry, be sure to include what it would cost if you had to replace the property. No depreciation is involved with replacement cost.

What happens if I do not have enough property coverage?
If you are underinsured, you may not be eligible to recover the full amount of the loss. For instance, if you had $150,000 worth of property and only covered $100,000, you would most likely not recover the full amount in a $100,000 loss because you would be considered underinsured.
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